Mesa Pet Boarding Process

Mesa AZ pet boarding process

Things to specifically ask before hiring us

Where will my pet be kept? Does the kennel have runs or cages? How large are the cages and runs? Are all the runs indoor or outdoor? Are pets ever crated? Can multiple pets share a run? How often will my pet be taken out for walks? Is there available play time or play areas? Will the kennel take photos and text them to my phone? What is done if my pet becomes ill? Are their discounts if I bring my own food? (most kennels will not discount if you bring your own food) typically this is because it is actually more time consuming and difficult on the staff to keep track of your food and keep it separate from the kennel food. Storage in most kennels is an issue. What if my pet needs medications? If your pet is on veterinarian prescribed diet and medications let the kennel staff know and bring your own container that is labeled and have the food portioned out in daily feeding amounts. Have the medications clearly labeled and dosage instructions clearly written on the boarding information sheets that will be provided. Some kennels may charge additional for these services so be sure to ask. Most raw diets are difficult to accommodate at a kennel and refrigeration is scarce and typically reserved for medications.

Can I bring toys or bedding items? Remember that these items must be noted on the paperwork, may become soiled or torn up because of the anxiety that your pet may be feeling while they are in a new environment. Kennels will provide old towels, blankets and safe chew toys for the boarders so it may be easiest to leave your personal items at home.


All kennels should require that a pet be up to date on their vaccinations. Rabies vaccination is required by most State and local governments. Kennels will also require Bordatella vaccination which is to prevent kennel cough, they will also require a Parvo vaccination which is to prevent Distemper. Some kennels may have additional requirements so make sure that you ask. Most kennels will require vaccine verification history before allowing you to board with them. After your first stay they will have your records on file. Tempe Lake Veterinary Clinic and Boarding can arrange to have your pet vaccinated while they stay in our facility, and a Veterinarian is on staff 24 hours a day. Most kennels will also require that your pet be medicated for fleas and ticks within the past 30 days or they will medicate them on site and charge for these services.

How will the kennel reach me? Kennels will require emergency contact numbers and multiple methods of contacting the pet owner, or someone that is trusted by the owner to take medical or financial responsibilities in case of a medical emergency. Because we have veterinarians on staff your pet can be seen immediately, but of course the doctor will need to speak with you in regard to treatment and its costs, and what course you would like him/her to take. If you have given someone else permission to act on your behalf realize that they are authorizing medical treatment that will result in financial charges, that you and your representative are responsible for paying. If you have a cell phone number be sure that it has coverage in the area you are staying, or provide the kennel with a hotel phone number or a relatives number in the area you will be staying. Remember the more contact information that is provided the easier it is for the facility staff to make contact with you. Emergencies don’t happen conveniently, that is why they are called emergencies and not conveniences. Fees can become huge very quickly so please make sure to leave very reliable contact information so that decisions can be made quickly and responsibly.

What to expect when I arrive at the kennel facility

After doing your homework and seen the facility, made sure vaccinations are up to date, completed the boarding information sheets with medical and feeding instructions and provided emergency information, arrive early giving yourself plenty of time to complete any last minute paperwork and still allow you time to make a flight without rushing. Remember that your pet can often feel your anxiety and stress as well. Upon arrival be aware of your surroundings. Other pet owners may be there to drop off as well and it may be crowded and somewhat noisy. Sometimes a little walk before entering the facility will help your pet to relax. You should have your dog on a leash or your cat in a crate to avoid a problem with another pet that is being dropped off at the kennels. Announce your name and your pets name clearly to the receptionist, if this isn’t your first stay they will generally recognize you as you are entering. Try not to show that you are nervous or hover too much over your pet causing him/her to become more nervous. Just give a quick hug or pat and hand over the leash and the kennel staff will get them to their run quickly. The more it is dragged out the more your pet will feel as though something is wrong and their anxiety will build along with yours. Your pet will typically go comfortably with the staff once you are out of sight. Time and space is usually the best thing for the pet as they adjust to their temporary environment.

What to expect when I pick up my pet

Upon arrival immediately take care of your bill before your pet is brought out to you, writing a check, or signing a credit card receipt is difficult when your pet is very excited to see you. You will be excited to see your buddy as well and they won’t know that you are in an office space and will be very excited as well. Don’t rush to grab them, just express your love and home much you missed them in a calm manner and they will react similarly. Be sure to ask the staff if they have already eaten for the day and if they were medicated? Also make sure that you have received all the items that you left when you dropped off before your trip. Ask how they adjusted to the kennel and its staff, they will give you good feedback. When you get home don’t immediately feed and water, but rather allow them to first settle down, or possibly take them on a favorite walk. A young pet may have difficulty with their house training for a day or so as they readjust to your routine at home. Boarding kennels are typically busy but the staff often does become attached to pets that are regularly boarded at their facility. However remember that kennels are all different in size and some facilities can accommodate a hundred dogs, while others are smaller. The best kennels are often associated with a veterinarian, and can often be the best of both worlds for owner and pet. If you are uncomfortable with anything, discuss your concerns with the kennel manager. If you are dissatisfied with anything make the staff aware, communication is the best method to resolve concerns.

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